It’s not a joke, it’s a major issue and a major annoyance. You do not want that to take place. Ever.

I say this because I recently experienced it and believed it would be a very simple issue to resolve. After calling numerous locksmiths and paying expensive cab fees, I discovered hours later that most people don’t even think to be prepared for something like this. Then, one day, you find yourself stuck in a parking lot, thinking hard about a way out as you ponder the situation.

So, if you close the trunk with your keys locked inside it, this is what you need to do

  1. Call Specialized Auto Locksmiths

You must first call a lot of locksmiths who specialize in solving these kinds of situations properly and quickly. Your vehicle may be accessible to a regular locksmith, but the trunk is a very different story. It is made to be safe; it cannot be opened by thieves or by you as you attempt to break into your own car. What you should know is as follows-

Use your smartphone to look up local auto locksmiths (if you have one). To get pricing and time estimates, you must call many. Do this right away and first. If you think of something different, you may always call them back and cancel, but start the process.

Most of these locksmiths will offer a very low fee for the job, usually between $15 and $20. This is normally the price to open a locked car in which a child was locked. The price you pay will be significantly higher. Typically, there is a $20 call-out fee and a $35 or higher unlocking fee.

Request a reasonable time. Despite what they may say, it took me more than two hours in my situation. You will have to wait even longer if it is rush hour.

Your keys are in the trunk, therefore the dispatcher needs to let the technician know. Any modern vehicle that is broken into will sound the alarm, which in turn disables the electrics that operate the trunk release. To open the trunk, the technician will require a number of gears, including a snake camera.

Remind the technician of the condition once again when they arrive. When mine showed up, I believed he was aware of the situation. He questioned me about the location of the keys after breaking into the vehicle and setting off the alarm. When I told him that my keys are inside the trunk, he became quiet and said, “Ooh. That is a big issue.”

Be ready for the possibility that the expert won’t be able to fix your issue. They might not be able to open the trunk, at least not easily. Modern automakers have taken enormous measures to protect it. The back seat release levers are now located inside the trunk and the battery serves as protection for the trunk release. At this point, you might very well need to go to the second solution.

  1. Get the Spare Keys

Remember that it can take a technician one to two hours to arrive at your location. Once they get there, they might not be able to help. You should think about the following: 

Can someone you know? The person you are calling must be someone who can bring you the extra keys if they have access to them. For example, it could be a better idea to call your partner after you have hired locksmiths if the spare set is at their house and they are only a short drive away. Ask them to bring them if they can, and at this moment, cancel the locksmith. If not, could you get one of your friends to pick you up and take you home?

You’re on your own if no one has the extra keys.

Can you get a cab to and from where you are right now without breaking the bank? In my case, the trip in a cab cost $60 round-way and took 55 minutes (this was after spending almost three hours in the parking lot). You might ask a friend of yours to take you there the next day if you leave the car there overnight.

  1. No Spare? Order a New Key

You will want the vehicle’s VIN and confirmation of ownership, and this process won’t be quick. They might be able to help you if you purchased your vehicle from an authorized dealership. They might be able to do it quickly, but it could also take a week or two. You’ll need to have the car towed to you in the meantime, which will cost money as well. You may try leaving it there, but it might end up being towed or broken into.

  1. Override the Trunk Release

For a beginner, this is challenging, as every automobile is unique. You can find techniques online to reach the fuse box and makes a short that will pop the trunk, though, assuming you have some skill and a power source (you can always figure out how to use the car battery). There are many videos online, but if you have little to no experience with automobiles, you definitely don’t want to follow them.

  1. The Last Option: Break into the Trunk

The locksmith near me who tried to assist me related a recent occurrence that was comparable to mine in Kansas city. With no spare tire and a desperate need to go home, the driver was unable to open the trunk. In order to gain access to the trunk through the back seats, he instructed the locksmith to use his tool. They entered the trunk after about an hour, causing significant damage, and the customer declared he would simply purchase a new back seat when he got home. That’s a pricey solution, but if you think it’s required, you might consider it.

Make Sure This Never Happens to You

Making sure your keys are always in your pocket or another secure location before ever opening the trunk is one of the simplest methods to ensure that this never happens to you. In my case, I had inserted a bag and needed to reorganize it a little. I set my keys down while moving stuff and holding my keys in my hand. I finally shut the trunk. Bad move.

Obviously, accidents happen, so think about having a backup plan. It might be a good idea to hide a spare key inside the vehicle. Once a locksmith has let you into the vehicle, you can easily access this to turn off the alarm and open the trunk once more.

Another possibility is to hide a spare key inside a magnetic safe under the vehicle. This has some drawbacks. The first possibility is that a thief finds it, but the chances are low because very few people do this. Second, it might come off, especially if you travel over uneven ground.

Just keep in mind that locking your keys in the trunk is very different than locking your keys inside the car’s body. Be prepared to spend a lot of time and effort correcting your silly mistake.


Can you unlock a trunk from the inside?

The United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) mandated that all automobiles must be built with a trunk release latch as of September 1, 2001. This choice serves as a safety precaution to prevent accidentally locking oneself within the trunk.

Where is that interior trunk release switch/button on my car?

The trunk of most modern vehicles may be unlocked by twice pressing the unlock button. On the left side of the driver’s seat, older cars will have a lever. The center console, the driver’s side of the dashboard, and the glove box are other locations for the trunk release.

Why  my trunk won’t release work?

Some vehicles’ trunk releases need the engine to be on. The car deadlocking may have caused this or it could be a basic feature. The most common reason the trunk does not open from the interior release without these security features is that the assembly is damaged.

What tools do I need to open my trunk without the key?

A shoelace or wire hanger may be all that’s needed to figure out how to extract the keys from a locked trunk. These tools are used to open the door and operate the internal locks. You can activate your trunk release once inside. Tools for professional car lockouts include lock picks, wedges, and slim jims.

How can to unlock the trunk without unlocking the car?

If you’re trying to figure out how to get keys out of a locked trunk, keep in mind that novices almost never succeed in doing this. It is usually necessary to use specialized equipment like tryout keys and jiggle keys, which function similarly to bump keys for cars. The trunk will need to be plucked or drilled if those don’t work.

Why a drill is needed by a locksmith for unlocking a locked trunk?

To prevent any unlocking by keyway manipulation or direct contact with lock switches, several automobiles include high-security measures. This is usually referred to as a deadlock and is required for the creation of a small hole in the trunk so that the locksmith can gain access to the actuator for the trunk lock.


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