Winter is back, which makes it the ideal time to make sure your house is secure before you leave on a trip. The continuously amazing weather offers many options to visit and enjoy your outdoor space.

Theft, trespassing, and other types of property crimes are increased at this time of year, as are other types of crimes. The availability of some winter security advice can be helpful in this situation. Your goal should be to lessen your home’s exposure and deter potential attackers from making it their primary target.

The main goal of this comprehensive list of winter security advice is to focus on the things that burglars are looking for and how you, as a proprietor, can increase security. We will s focus on just ten winter safety tips- 

         Lock Doors 

         Close Windows

         Motion Lights

         Monitor Activity

         Hide Valuables

         Hold Mail

         Security System

         Neighborhood Watch

         Pet Sitter

         Lawn Upkeep

There is definitely a lot that you can do to secure your house than what is suggested in this list of winter security tips. With enough time, money, and effort, you could convert your estate into a bunker if you wanted to. However, that is not the topic of this essay.

We want to share a few winter security tips with people to give them a tiny advantage when it comes to defending their homes.

  1. Lock Doors

One basic step that can help you a lot in preventing any kind of mishaps on your property is simply locking all the doors. As doors are the most common entry point into any home and therefore shutting the door can be the most important of all winter security tips.

Because a doorway is the most likely place for a burglar to enter a home, people are requested to secure their doors properly. So, be sure to use high-quality locks to properly lock your doors. If you’re unsure of how to do this, the assistance of Locksmith Near Me might be necessary.

Because locksmiths can share and implement years’ worth of security knowledge and therefore they are great resources for home security. For example, a lot of people are not aware that securing your doors is a practical approach to increasing the security of your home.

But locksmiths offer more than just suggestions. All lock installations will be finished by them, and they will walk you through the procedure step by step so you may learn about home security at the same time.

  1. Close Windows

It feels good to open the windows and let the bright sunlight in. The main drawback of opening your windows is that it provides intruders with a lot more places for entering. Does this mean that the windows will never be opened? No! Everyone should take a breath of fresh air every now and again. The problem occurs when you forget to close them before leaving the house and keep them open for an extended period of time.

Simple remedies include closing your windows while you’re away from home and being cautious about how long you leave them open on other days. The majority of these wintertime security tips are rapid fixes that need just a little bit of planning.

  1. Add Motion Lights 

Motion sensor lights have made your home safer. It is far more difficult for an intruder to remain stealthy when they are being illuminated from above by a powerful fluorescent light. The cover of darkness is no longer an advantage, and the random flickers of light might alert people who are living in your neighborhood about the problem.

  1. Monitor Home Activity

The majority of security systems allow you to monitor activities around your home even while you are not there, so installing one is just the first step in the process. Smart locks are smart security investments due to their adaptability and capacity to give homeowners the best user experience.

When you’re away from home this winter, it’s important to use this security tip because remote access is one of the essential features of home security. When the system alerts, you might be able to track it and get notifications on your phone.

Thanks to automated and improved home security systems, you may be hundreds of miles away and yet receive warnings and answer your doorbell with a video chat. Surprisingly, thieves have been known to believe that movement inside residences is caused by these devices, which heightens the false impression that someone is home.

  1. Hide Valuables 

Costly and shiny products are ones that you would love to show your friends and neighbors. They might also be a family heirloom and this makes them an important part of your house.

Without careful execution, which in this case can require the slightest adjustment, these winter security tips are of little use. Keep such costly things out of sight where they can be spotted quickly by guests just by looking inside your home. 

It is suggested to turn the lights off when you are getting ready for bed or when you have no guests over. If you will keep these valuables glowing in the night might be a welcome sign to anyone who might be hiding in the dark. The small things can have a great impact on the security of your home. 

  1. Hold Mail Service

The Postal Service must hold your mail, and the process is very straightforward. You can either fill out a form in person at your local post office or online by choosing “request hold mail.” An overgrown lawn, stuffed envelopes, and presents left on the front porch are sure signs that no one is home.

Maintaining your postal system might help stop parcel theft as well. It will be more challenging for someone to learn personal information about your family through names, addresses, and accounts listed on mail-in paperwork. The post office generally does a good job of handling this, and the couriers are aware of whom households along their route requested a hold.

  1. Install Security System

As we have already discussed, installing a modern security system is a tried as well as a trusted way to boost home security. You can do this by completely replacing your old locks with modern locks or by installing security cameras around your home.

There are a lot of security solutions available in the market when it comes to something related to home security. Residential locksmiths provide different kinds of services with the goal of improving your present hardware with add-ons such as Bluetooth locks and Wi-Fi-enabled smart locks.

Locksmith specialists in Kansas City, MO, are also very flexible and come to you right away with the necessary tools and supplies to make the installation process simple. Your house will be locked in a secure way with just one phone call and you will feel safe and protected from any kind of random circumstances.

  1. Neighborhood Watch

Beyond social gatherings, building relationships with your neighbors can be beneficial. A tight-knit community will increase security further. Informing your neighbors before you leave for vacation is one of the simplest winter safety advice because they will already be outside enjoying the weather.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to ask them to keep an eye on your home for any kind of abnormal activity. Moreover, it nurtures positive behaviors and you definitely want to continue that further so that the security of your home can be increased. And while they’re away, take care of them similar to a responsible neighbor. It might lead to an area that is even safer and more connected as a result.

  1. Find a Pet Sitter

People when flying somewhere they usually have to leave their animals behind. Kennels and pet daycare centres offer these services, but hiring a pet sitter is the next best thing if you don’t want to leave your pet in one of these places.

Having someone take your dog back to their house while you are gone would probably be safer. Instead of them walking back and forth, locking and unlocking doors, let your pet stay at their house.

This prevents mistakes such as leaving keys behind, close a window, forget locking a door, and any other possible unintentional mishaps. Find a caregiver about whom you are certain that will treat your pets with the same compassion and love as you do.

  1. Lawn Upkeep

A guide to winter security wouldn’t be complete without some lawn and home maintenance ideas. Long grass and worn-out weeds are signs that nobody has been at the house recently. This could be used by the wrong person as an excuse to explore the property and see what they can find.

Asking someone to take care of your grass cutting, hedge trimming, and plant watering while you’re away is quite appropriate. It actively preserves its aesthetic appeal while maintaining the appearance that people are at home. Additionally, the experience of doing manual labor in exchange for money could be advantageous for your neighbor, a teenager.

Closing Advice

It’s difficult to conclude our list of winter home security tips. During this time of year, there is a lot of this that can be done in order to increase the security of your home. But with a strong foundation created by these winter security tips, you may securely protect your house and maintain the peaceful way of life that we all want and cherish.

Let’s address some often-asked questions-


Is crime higher in the winter?

Yes, statistically. According to a study, crime does rise from November to Jan. Instead of violent crimes, which do not significantly rise during the winter, property crimes become the main concern. When compared to other types of crime, burglaries increased by a significant 11%. According to the findings, applying winter safety tips could be highly beneficial.

How do I secure my home while on vacation?

Going on vacation can make your house more vulnerable because you won’t be there to let potential thieves know someone is home. You can ask a trustworthy friend or family to stay at your place while you’re away if you have one. Although it’s the best alternative, not everyone can do that.

The main goal of winter security tips is to give spectators on the outside the impression that somebody is at home. A home with occupants reduces the likelihood of burglary because it increases the chances that the intruder will be recognized or caught. In a perfect world, robbers would prefer to remain undetected.

Making your home appear occupied at all times is a crucial component of many of the winter security advice on our list. Everyone should follow the simple bit of advice to keep their social media posts to a minimum when they are on a vacation. Sharing your adventures and letting your loved ones know you’re having a wonderful time is enjoyable, but doing so also raises your chance of being burgled.

How do most burglars break in?

A lot of techniques are used by burglars to enter houses. Each and every opening, such as a door, a window, a garage, etc., is important. Locking your front door is a simple initial step in burglary prevention, but for the best results, additional effort is needed. You may improve the security measures already in place at your by using the winter security tips that were mentioned above.

Are security cameras worth buying?

It varies. For some people, installing security cameras is an important step. Anyone who wishes to monitor their home continuously may depend on it to be convenient and trustworthy. When choosing one of the best outdoor security cameras, the price is always a trade-off.

What kind of budget do you have for security monitoring? Every homeowner must ask himself that question. Security cameras provides your property visual coverage and warn the people that are passing from there that their actions will be recorded on camera.

The decision to follow through with installing these cameras fits into the main concept of the winter security tips list. Your decision will be based on how much time and money you want to spend on home security.

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